But We Still Have the Radio
(✿◠‿◠) hello.
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It’s rockin’ everywhere.

lemme at dat ass (◕‿◕✿)
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omfq, if you send me that emoticon again, okay.

Who is your baby if you don't mind me asking?
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I have a handful of babies, dearest Anon

  • Jeremiah and Corinne - in general
  • Gannon - on the field
  • Makayla - on the field
  • Allie - on the court and track
  • and my baby I’m referring to now is Steffany - on the stage

And then a bunch of celebrities that I don’t really ever call my babies but think so in my head.

so what's your most awkward experience? and ps that other anon needs to back off.
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Hi, there.

A friend calls me over for an ‘emergency sleepover.’

As soon as I step into her house, she grabs my arm, leads me to her room, throws my bag down, then throws me down onto her couch. She twists on her heel and pops the DVD into her PS2, and twists back towards me. Then she just plops down on top of me, grabs my arms, and adjusts them the way she likes around her, then just starts the film like she didn’t just manhandle me straight from the door and throw her buck two weight onto my lungs in the span of seven seconds, I kid you not.

It’s not my most awkward, but it’s fresh on my mind ‘cause a friend just brought it up.

You had tea with F. Scott Fitzgerald?
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Moral of the story is don’t fall asleep reading Cat’s Eye with Midnight in Paris playing on the background.

Or do. It was a pretty cool dream.

Is there really no one you like right now...?
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I like Corinne and Jmiah. That’s about it.

OH, you mean ~likelike~.

No. Not presently, no.

hey sexy gimme some of dat ASS
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Oh, saucy.

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If you need help locating the Caps Lock key, it is belowyour Tab key, to the left of A, and just below above the Shift key.

so what's the most played song on your iPod?
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Oh, gosh, I can’t tell for sure, but off of the top of my head, I’d say “Soil, Soil.”

Kristen Wiig or Kristen Stewart?
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Oh, my goodness, why would you even ask that, I can’t even choose which ice cream flavour I want.

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Oh, my God, hahahahaha, yes, MegMeg, I did.

I told you rewatch. I rewatched it, I didn’t pay attention the first time.

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Late Night Television Show Host, yes.

i'm not getting testy or anything, i seems like to me that you're holding back or something.
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Still not a question.

But yes, I am.