But We Still Have the Radio
(✿◠‿◠) hello.

I post showsmusicfilmspeople, literature, and photographs that I like on here.

Text posts come from time to time, but I post asks and replies more often.

Understand my feels better here.

This tumblr, I allow my irl friends the knowledge of its existence.

This has a much airier feel than my other tumblrs.

I follow blogs whose posts I’d like to see on my dashboard, I don’t know how others think, but this just means I’m not a mandatory follow.

Folks I know IRL

If we know each other irl, I don’t mind you following me, but I don’t really understand why if we can both clearly see that we just have a completely different vibe for our blogs.

Simply put, if I know you irl, follow me if you actually want my stuff on your dash, and I’ll follow you if I actually want your stuff on my dash.

TL;DR - I’m not follow for follow.

Other URLs

Frequently asked questions concerning my other urls.